July 29

“That’s… wait,” I say. “You’re not fast-tracked to graduate, are you?”
“That’s the problem,” she says, leaning back against the couch. “If I take the internship, the odds are really good that I’d have to drop out of school for it. That’d… I mean, you’d be…”
I pause. What is she trying to say? “You should totally go,” I say, without hesitating. “It’s the perfect opportunity for you.”
“The thing is, Frannie,” she says, “if I was gonna go into tech without a degree, I’d have preferred to do it before I got this far. I know it’s a great opportunity and all, but I just don’t think I could deal with leaving school half-done.”
“Maybe you could transfer? Doesn’t Columbia–”
“I’d want to finish here,” she says. “I’d want to finish… finish everything I start.”
I blink. “This isn’t just about school,” I say.
“No, it’s not.” The look she gives me breaks my heart. I can only imagine that hers is already broken. “I don’t… you’re a good friend, Frannie. I love you, you know… like, like a sister,” she adds. “And I wanted to make sure you were okay with this before I made the call.”
“Kyle,” I say, “you already said it. We’re both big girls. You just have to promise me you’ll get an apartment big enough to let me come over sometimes.”

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