August 25

“All right, then,” Lisa says. “Let’s get this over with.”
We step out through the back door, which Katie opens for us, shivering. Lou hands me the empty coffee can as we go out, and the chilly air strikes me, I reach for the lighter in my pocket. “We won’t be long,” I say. Katie nods, and I smile.
“Well, where is it?” Lisa asks. I pull the notebook out of my satchel and show it to her. “Wait,” she says. “Let me check.”
“It’s the real deal,” I say, frowning. “I’m not like you. I keep my word.”
Lisa flips through the notebook, reading entries and glancing at the notes stuck in between the pages. She lifts the two black notes out of it and peers at them. “The ink is illegible on these,” she says.
“Yeah, that’s my fault,” I say, shrugging. “I put them in when the ink wasn’t quite dry. Maybe you could use a different kind of pen.”
“I’ll keep that in mind,” she says, handing me the notebook. “Well, all right. Let’s get this done so I can get out of here.”
“You never asked me what I wanted,” I say.
“I thought you’d tell me first,” she says, frowning. “So, what do you want?”

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