August 27

Lisa screams in rage and frustration as she’s led to the long black LTD parked in the alley. “I can’t leave!” she screams. “I’m in a loop! I can’t–”
“You said yourself,” I call back. “If I get you out of the loop, it collapses. Turns out, there’s another way around it.” Peter chuckles at this. “Goodbye, Lisa.” With one last wail, the back door to the car is shut, and the two goons get into the front seat.
“I believe this is yours,” Peter says, handing me the notebook. “I can’t believe you would try pulling something like that off. What made you think of it?”
“You did, actually,” I say. “Couple days ago, when you mentioned that I did something to the notebook. Didn’t say what, of course, but it wasn’t hard to figure out.”
“So when you asked me to swap for the notebook we found, you knew you weren’t going to put any more entries in it,” Peter says. He flips to the last page in the notebook, past a bunch of blank pages– far beyond where Lisa looked– and points to a handwritten entry saying that a second notebook had been needed. I’d written that in before handing Peter the notebook last night. “I was as shocked as you are.”

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