September 7

“Dominique’s a robot,” she says, “and Koh–”
“No, no,” I say, “I mean, at class.” There’s only enough lemonade in the carton for a single glass, if that. I’d been going through it pretty quickly lately.
“Just finals reviews,” Kyle says. “Next week is gonna be brutal.”
“Tell me about it,” I say. “Stupid Portugese.”
“I thought you dropped that,” she asks me.
“Was thinking about it,” I say. “I just didn’t think about it until after the deadline had passed.”
“Ah,” she says.
“How about you? Confident?” I sit down next to her on the couch and glance at the TV.
“Eh,” she says, frowning. “I’m really more worried about the flight.”
“It’s a couple weeks now, isn’t it?”
“Ten days,” she says. “I leave that Friday.”
“I’m gonna miss you,” I say.
“You too,” she says, leaning against me. “It’s gonna be rough.”
“You’ll be okay,” I say. “New York isn’t ready for you.”
“Hah,” she says. “If only. Remember that trip I took in February?”
The flight in February, over Spring Break, had been disastrous. First, inclement weather had caused the Pittsburgh airport to delay her flight by a few hours. Not because of snow, but because of freezing rain. Then, once the airplane had gotten into the skies, LaGuardia had closed down and her flight was stuck in a holding pattern over Pittsburgh for an hour. Then, when they had finally received clearance to leave Pittsburgh and were on their way east, the alternate airports all closed down as well, forcing her flight to land at Harrisburg because they ran out of gas. My first reaction at that point was, “Harrisburg has an airport?” Then, after waiting on the tarmac for three hours to refuel, the flight took off… for Charlotte, North Carolina.

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