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Temporary Inanity

You may have noticed that yesterday (the 6th) we had a little bit of downtime here on the site. Obviously we’re back up and running now, but unfortunately the glitch wiped out a few weeks’ worth of future posts. So, rather than deal with a frantic scramble to get everything going again and keep things [...]

August 28

“I gotta ask, though,” I say…

July 10

“Like a photograph,” I say. “Similar,” she says, “but imagine that you can walk around it, touch it, feel the contained, captured power of that water. It’s a gentle strength, but there is power in it. Years from now, people will capture this power.” I stare at her. “You’re a…” “Relax, Mademoiselle Minervudottir,” she says, [...]

July 9

The other option is acceptance. I’ve had a good run, this person says, and they drop their arms in defeat. It’s not a pathetic gesture, it’s one of nobility. Nobody likes a sore loser, and this type of person knows that fighting it means they’ll still lose, but they’ll be sore afterwards. To graciously give [...]

July 8

If it’s forbidden to interfere in your own past, then travelling too far back into time means that, on some level, you necessarily have to be altering someone in your deep ancestral tree. Let’s peg that number at about two hundred fifty years, on the order of about a hundred generations. That’s probably wildly inaccurate, [...]

July 7

I asked him if he meant his time or mine, but by the time I finished my sentence, they were gone. I really hate it when people do that. I move over to the stone benches and low walls around the fountain, taking the old and rough marble steps two at a time into the [...]

July 6

I scratch out the time and meeting location from the previous note, making them illegible. Underneath, I write: “Send temporal agent disguised as mall security, position them at 3:00pm at District entrance to mall. A theft will be observed; keep the thief in the mall for at least two hours. Do not recognize Maris du [...]