Site News

Temporary Inanity

You may have noticed that yesterday (the 6th) we had a little bit of downtime here on the site. Obviously we’re back up and running now, but unfortunately the glitch wiped out a few weeks’ worth of future posts. So, rather than deal with a frantic scramble to get everything going again and keep things [...]

The Afterglow

A Civics Lesson is done, and some important news needs to be conveyed.

For Those Of You Just Joining…

Hi folks. It’s occurred to me that maybe I haven’t been exactly clear on how best to enjoy the Linguankery site in general, or the current novel (A Civics Lesson). In truth it’s a relatively simple concept, one I’ve kept in mind but never actually said simply because I think it sounds almost too obvious, [...]

…yeah, right

As if you really expected me to give up after only three months.


We’re taking the easy way out, folks.

“I told you so…”

Welcome To The Experiment

My name is John Zeitler, and Linguankery is my game. Come join the experiment…